About Us

Welcome to 7venLayers, a jewelry brand founded by Bukie Amos, a passionate designer and advocate of self-expression. Bukie's love for layering jewelry, embracing boldness, and celebrating individuality has inspired her to create a collection that allows women to adorn themselves fearlessly and express their true selves.

At 7venLayers we believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory—it's a powerful form of self-expression. Bukie's vision is to empower women to embrace their unique style, confidently layering jewelry to create captivating and personalized looks. Drawing inspiration from her own love for dressing up, her six siblings and adorning herself. Bukie has curated a collection that reflects her passion for versatility, glamour, and self-love.

Each piece in our collection is meticulously crafted with exceptional attention to detail, using high-quality materials to ensure both beauty and durability. From delicate chains and statement pendants to stackable bracelets and intricate rings, our designs offer endless possibilities for layering and customization.

7venLayers celebrates the art of self-love and encourages women to embrace their journey of self-discovery. We believe that every woman has a story to tell and that jewelry is a powerful tool for self-expression. Our collection is a testament to the beauty of being bold, confident, and unapologetically true to oneself.

Join us on a journey of empowerment, self-expression, and embracing your unique style. Let 7venLayers be your partner in celebrating the joy of dressing up, layering jewelry, and expressing your authentic self. Embrace your individuality and shine brightly with 7venLayers, where every piece tells your unique story.